caught, Lord,
there’s no escape

place of a skull—
this hill from where
my help comes

caught, Lord,
there’s no escape

dragging the weight
of all humankind
on your beaten shoulders

caught, Lord,
there’s no escape

remember me
when you reach golgatha
& always thereafter

caught, Lord,
there’s no escape
(no escape)


That huge cross in the night…

Quiet mutterings across the crowd
& forgiveness from the cross
Even among thieves—criminals—
paradise awaits, claiming its own
The eyes of marble, once Jerusalem-fixed,
behold your mother

“Eloi Eloi lama sabachthani?”

This well spring of living water is dry
& thirst abounds
The Word speaks triumph
while alone, nearly finished, on the tree
Darkness prevails & evil remains
the spirit of Christ now heavy stained

…quivers gently with its dying god


Savior, who
tore the curtain, I’ve
realized the weight of your cross,
everlasting life.
Please mark me one of yours
in paradise
tomorrow as you rise.

Until then, a
Soldier of the cross