seasons changing

in every time & every place
there is a reason to efface
certain names & pretty faces
seasons changing

the sea bids me farewell today
shimmering waters of coastal maine
glass tide questions remain the same
seasons changing

back to chilled autumn air
hay bale tombstones everywhere
harvest offerings like a prayer
seasons changing

the world is on fire in revery
old men whistling sad melodies
still i weep for what is happening
seasons changing

stars & stripes

stars & stripes hung so low

too many recent times

stars & stripes collared fever

all gun violence & crime

stars & stripes, a drunken mess

stripesss & starars yeah

laid on the bed, come on your chest

bound under political blankets

days of church & state too

going back to grody camp

days of southern po' boy blues

pick-face violence


stars & stripes all perfect yet

sainted problems collect

stars & stripes do not forget

(them commies & democrats) 

& FREELOADER point-of-view

rather sinister, rather... 

stars & stripes, all very confused


homelessness up rising against

suburban culture(picket fence) 

good morning, suburbia

you look good in white

but where are your stars & your stripes? 

by his stripes we were healed

& democratic sin was revealed

maybe--maybe this is all so true

politics never looked so new

stars & stripes across the sea

western colonialism sounds good to me


television broadcasts indoctrinate

July the 4th we celebrate-- 

July the 5th we mourn the loss

of all the boygirls now long gone

Orlando, Dallas, Baton Rouge

bad cop, good cop, gay men too! 

stars & stripes your cleavage show

stars (not much) & stripes fallen low

join the army or join the church

mop the floor or give birth

birth--citizenship, america's dream

stars & stripes, all's swell for me

stars & stripes do not forget

that the whole world is not free yet



Of Life & Death



We are born as infants-- 

all helpless & shrieking

while God, sitting over all meaning,

smiles (our direction) 


The first shrill cry, 

fresh as mother's morning bread

& innocent like nothing ever said

by man's tongue


What is beautiful of life? 

maybe that life creates

abundance & celebrates

all in itself? 




Shine bright as emotion, 

sweet Love

(as a northern star

south of me) 

Shine with desire, 

hairpinned future

(sainted past) 

Love controls us-- 

binds us in

swift hips(dancing) 

& holds us


holds us above




Nobody believes

there seems to be

nothing at all

to believe in


Nobody sees

what could be achieved

through the shining

in themselves  


Nobody tries

to make sacrifice

for life & death

& reason


Nobody at all

(just all feeling small) 

filing alone through

life's turnstiles




Weeds of Death, don't consume me

'fore I die, a suffering tree

as desecrated & broken as my body

my form (very purpose) resembling

something greater than simple reality

Weeds of Death, don't consume me