stars & stripes

stars & stripes hung so low

too many recent times

stars & stripes collared fever

all gun violence & crime

stars & stripes, a drunken mess

stripesss & starars yeah

laid on the bed, come on your chest

bound under political blankets

days of church & state too

going back to grody camp

days of southern po' boy blues

pick-face violence


stars & stripes all perfect yet

sainted problems collect

stars & stripes do not forget

(them commies & democrats) 

& FREELOADER point-of-view

rather sinister, rather... 

stars & stripes, all very confused


homelessness up rising against

suburban culture(picket fence) 

good morning, suburbia

you look good in white

but where are your stars & your stripes? 

by his stripes we were healed

& democratic sin was revealed

maybe--maybe this is all so true

politics never looked so new

stars & stripes across the sea

western colonialism sounds good to me


television broadcasts indoctrinate

July the 4th we celebrate-- 

July the 5th we mourn the loss

of all the boygirls now long gone

Orlando, Dallas, Baton Rouge

bad cop, good cop, gay men too! 

stars & stripes your cleavage show

stars (not much) & stripes fallen low

join the army or join the church

mop the floor or give birth

birth--citizenship, america's dream

stars & stripes, all's swell for me

stars & stripes do not forget

that the whole world is not free yet




I am a vibrant songbird, though my wings clipped & body caged. I am a vibrant songbird, I sing my freedom-song to the whole earth. 

My freedom-song of desire, blossoming in the midsummer heat. My freedom-song of yearning, reaching for new depths & heights. 

I believe in all space encompassed in my imaginary flight. I believe in singing for all the world, yet not losing myself in singing. 

I am a vibrant songbird, & this is my loud freedom-song: seeking more than songs & freedom, seeking more than pleasure, seeking simple peace.

i believe in love

i believe in love because love believes in me

there is not any privilege to what the heart gives & takes

although half of the world cannot seem to see

that equality for all means for both gay & straight


in 1963 a black man had a social dream

holding faith in america to see what was right

& while walking through montgomery i thought of doctor king

& how sexuality might be more like black and white


"for god so loved the world"  we hear from week to week

then dogma and doctrine that justifies the hate

but understand when jesus christ died for you and me

he invited all people in the world to heaven's eternal gate


in recent times our hope is gone & we often feel despaired

it is harder now than ever to agree to disagree

but bigotry should not be tolerated for those who truly care

that i believe in love because love believes in me