we wait for the rain to fall

(same rain that falls over




your hair of white petals & fingers of roots--

the water softly washing away


at night the dreams of you & I(roots grown into blossoms)together

roots of earth & rain

     sustaining 1000 secrets



to write you a poem

o to write you a poem
sleepy eyes & 5am
sitting (with my thoughts)
back terrace as the city
is still

o to write you a poem
of all the days & ways
we'd celebrate
Life & Love in themselves
(of course be happy)

o to write you a poem
but words don't burn
like night cigarettes
& memories stain
side street lines

o to write you a poem
of hidden stars
now all gone--
they go before sunrise
like us too

o to write you a poem
my mouth is dry
& here we sit
5 hours away
dreaming together

o to write you a poem
you are
my unfinished



chasing white lines like memory

all the world grows mad

but my homecoming


Home(coming to you) 

your breath recreates me



living means breadtied--uncertain

yet facing aouth

a prayer,blink away

my homecoming


Home(coming to you) 

cavern-empty eyes

filled with mine


then kiss---- 



then there was you

There was light & sound & God above

security in heaven's grace & peace & love

There were restless nights of visions black

(soul's fatigue & heart attack)


There was riding buses into town

Meeting women in long black gowns

At cheap motels with strange, sad sounds

coming from inside the walls


There were a million faces in the street

of all the strangers not to meet

There was justifying what is right  

(original sin in black & white)


There was searching for calm & simple truth 

& then there was you

i believe in love

i believe in love because love believes in me

there is not any privilege to what the heart gives & takes

although half of the world cannot seem to see

that equality for all means for both gay & straight


in 1963 a black man had a social dream

holding faith in america to see what was right

& while walking through montgomery i thought of doctor king

& how sexuality might be more like black and white


"for god so loved the world"  we hear from week to week

then dogma and doctrine that justifies the hate

but understand when jesus christ died for you and me

he invited all people in the world to heaven's eternal gate


in recent times our hope is gone & we often feel despaired

it is harder now than ever to agree to disagree

but bigotry should not be tolerated for those who truly care

that i believe in love because love believes in me