world without end

morning coughs
& songbirds wake
(damn, my head aches)

one more day & I'm gone--
they're all gone, too
& prep school boys
& old women gossip
& my friend is the fag
& "hello dear?"
all these (I'm sick)

here time is not important,
never ending but occasionally
stopping, lingering through veins
& pulsing towards heartmind

junkie thoughts: I can't
everybody dies--why shouldn't I?
junkie thoughts cloudy sky
& my head aches

the dog drags in a rodent
the street dog found him
along the shoreway--drags him in
"what did he die from?"
everybody dies, must've died
from END.

there are many voices &
many faces of this island
(graceful maladies)
it's truly the only thing
still breathing, slow steady...

glory be to the water,
& to the sun
& to the holy coast.