Ballad for Delia

Delia's in the kitchen

with two love crumbs for eyes

& her head feeling like the inside of a prune

for she knows what she's forgotten

 never really even mattered

& all these years she has shouted at the moon


"why are we all so scared

of the things for which we most care?" 


she descends from her castle

 in the middle of the woods

& all the mountain men start calling out her name

she could run faster, or maybe bring disaster

if what she spoke & what she thought were one in the same


"I wonder what it feels like

to fall through the air at midnight?" 


so remember poor Delia

when you light a candle

or say a prayer for your own self in the dark

seems as though she tried

but never really cared much

to escape the sinkhole encompassing her heart


"beloved and lover

but only one or the other?"