stars & stripes

stars & stripes hung so low

too many recent times

stars & stripes collared fever

all gun violence & crime

stars & stripes, a drunken mess

stripesss & starars yeah

laid on the bed, come on your chest

bound under political blankets

days of church & state too

going back to grody camp

days of niggered, po' boy blues

pick-face violence


stars & stripes all perfect yet

sainted problems collect

stars & stripes do not forget

(them commies & democrats) 

& FREELOADER point-of-view

rather sinister, rather... 

stars & stripes, all very confused


homelessness up rising against

suburban culture(picket fence) 

good morning, suburbia

you look good in white

but where are your stars & your stripes? 

by his stripes we were healed

& democratic sin was revealed

maybe--maybe this is all so true

politics never looked so new

stars & stripes across the sea

western colonialism sounds good to me


television broadcasts indoctrinate

July the 4th we celebrate-- 

July the 5th we mourn the loss

of all the boygirls now long gone

Orlando, Dallas, Baton Rouge

bad cop, good cop, gay men too! 

stars & stripes your cleavage show

stars (not much) & stripes fallen low

join the army or join the church

mop the floor or give birth

birth--citizenship, america's dream

stars & stripes, all's swell for me

stars & stripes do not forget

that the whole world is not free yet