infinity lasts forever

Jun 14, 2016, 5:00am


Aboard a greyhound from Alabama back to Pittsburgh, running from your fractured teacup dreams, mile-by-mile the markers ticking off time in your life


All you've got is time

Since your daughter died


You worry for your family waiting, their reaction to where you've been & who you've seen & why your eyes are so puffy and red


Explaining duality

Mustn't be done easily


No sleep for three days, weary from travel, you befriend a complete stranger--open your soul to him & confide, confide, confide--this word is so foreign but tastes sweet on your lips


Connecting inner-spirituality

(So much easier than soul-searching) 


Be kind to yourself, secretly fragile woman, & hold tight to those dreams you'll never achieve while your robust character will allow you to


Those days seem like never

But infinity lasts forever